Environment SEWA Foundation aims to improve the environment in rural as well as urban areas, to generate source of livelihoods for communities, uplift work conditions and provide employment to existing ragpickers and Self-Help Groups (SHGs), to support women empowerment by employing them in majority activities as possible, to create a sustainable project both commercially and on the environmental & social fronts, to support PM Modi’s campaigns of Atmanirbhar Bharat and Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan through our projects. To create a sustainable tomorrow via waste management, water conservation, plastic recycling and to create a circular economy by creating products from waste. This also allows reduction in carbon emissions by reducing use of virgin plastics and related mining activities.

By addressing waste and other aspects of socio-environmental elements locally, we not only avoid expenses of transportation but also related carbon emissions and from landfill / dumping activities as well.

Our projects are mostly resilient which recycle and utilizes the water required from its own ETP. We also propose to incorporate rooftop solar panels for generating renewable energy, thus reducing our dependency on coal sourced electricity.

To achieve this, we seek the support of individuals, institutions, Urban Local Bodies actively by promoting cooperation between relevant stakeholders to undertake development projects, advocating for policy & regulatory reforms and undertaking targeted research.

The principle behind Environment SEWA Foundation activities is the vision to safeguard the society and the environment by implementing the best protection practices, benefitting all of mankind. But all these are not possible without support from all stakeholders in a dedicated and a sustained effort.

Environment SEWA Foundation is committed to continual improvement at all times while pursuing its goal of making the world a better place to live in.



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